At first, the word "fountain" referred to your all-natural spring or resource, nonetheless it has come to mean a man-made construction built to incorporate and move h2o, delivering people with refreshment, and aesthetic enjoyment, or each. The solid sculptural or architectural composition is made to govern and shape the fluidity of h2o into fragile… Read More

The Gefion Fountain is one of Copenhagen's most beloved monuments. It had been built and sculpted by Anders Bundgard who was a Danish Artist during 1900s. The fountain was produced in 1908 and was donated to the city of Copenhagen by the Carlsberg Foundation. The Gefion Fountain is found in the beautiful harbor of Copenhagen and is also the largest… Read More

The time period “kiva” arrived from a Hopi word Which means “ceremonial home.” A kiva is usually a Specific purpose structure that was used by the Anasazi while in the American Southwest. The kivas from Chaco Canyon are often known as the earliest and most straightforward samples of the architecture which existed in prominen… Read More

Why The Anasazi Abandoned Their CitiesThe Anasazi became masters of pottery, astronomy, and architecture during their time. As master agriculturalists, they developed intricate irrigation systems which fed huge fields of maize, beans, and squash. They built complex structures of stone and earth that rise high above the ground and perched in cliff f… Read More